Portugália Airlines

This is was pitch proposal for Portugália Airlines (PGA), a subsidiary company of TAP that operates in southern Europe and northern Africa. The challenge was to create new brand and website to represent new the commercial offer and how could the brand connect with the parent company.With the sale of TAP, the PGA was totally absorbed by TAP.

My Role: Ux/Ui and Art Direction


The home page is structured in blocks. The first is a slider for promotions, followed by the booking tools, the promotions area,  institutional campaigns and area for cross-selling.

Search Experience

The most important feature of the site would be the search for flights and related services. We design first for mobile and then adapted for tablet and desktop, thus improving the usability and familiarity of the user between platforms.

Booking Made Simple

After the user chooses the destination is sent to this page before starting the payment process.We have designed a simpler header and footer and we take out all cross-sell information. To make this process simple and focused on the details of the trip.

Local guide

Today the online booking experience is no just buying the plane ticket, rent a car or book a Hotel. We want to make people travel before they begin by showing the best keep secrets of the destinations.

We are locals

We created a mini-site to show the new fleet and destinations with objective convey credibility and awareness.


Branding: Alexandre MendesDigital Design: José EstevesYear: 2015