Users archetypes

Everyone has a bank account, but not everyone knows the terminology. We can identify other three types of users and their behaviors, regardless whether they are an individual or a company.

Road map

With the wireframes, we are able to create an effective navigation flow for each target.

Visual hierarchy

The first level of hierarchy was the labelling and identification of the different segments. The navigation inside the each header was the second level and the drops are the last level. And they worked almost as landing pages for each category.


Simple icons using the colours of the brand to represent the solutions.  This use of language and icons will present the bank as a problem solver and more friendly.

Layout options

The pages are designed in a modular scheme structured in blocks which include images, copy, icons and cross-sell products and services.

Mobile ready

Although not request in the briefing. We made some screens to verify future use, especially in commercial pages.


Lead Design: José EstevesYear: 2012Status: Online with changes after production